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The Sacred Garden

Welcome to the Sacred Garden!

An oasis of calm and beauty for you to return to your authentic self through small group holistic workshops and one to one sessions.

Holistic Workshops

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Cacao Meditation

A small group gathering around a fire with raw chocolate from Dandy's Raw Choc.

Cacao has many nutritional benefits that help the body and mind to relax. Energetically, the essence of cacao has a perfect balance of yin and yang energy which helps to open the heart centre and enjoy a reconnection to self and to nature.

Join Dandy for a relaxing and uplifting cacao meditation at the Sacred Garden with an opportunity to buy Dandy's Raw Choc bars after the meditation.


Third Sunday of every month, 4pm -6pm, at the Sacred Garden Hove, £15

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Feng Shui Beginners Workshop

Learn how to do your own Feng Shui in this beginners workshop using the

traditional Compass Formula taught by Grand Master Lillian Too. 
This powerful lifestyle tool can help you to create a harmonious

living space that is both relaxing and uplifting.

Which areas of your life need balance?

Bring the balance of yin and yang energy into every corner of your home and

see how the harmony ripples through to those areas of your life.

Discover your best sleeping directions based on your date of birth and which personal

directions are best for good health, relationships and abundance.

Your home is a reflection of your life and by shifting the energy of your home into a

higher vibration, you will shift all areas of your life into a higher vibration.

Saturday 6th July, 11am -2pm, at the Sacred Garden Hove, £45

Medicine Wheel workshop.png

The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel workshop is based on the energy medicine from the Andean shamans of Peru. In this two day workshop, we move around the four directions of

the Medicine Wheel and learn from the archytypes how to heal our past, reclaim

our power and return to our authentic selves.

The medicine wheel takes you on a journey of self discovery!

Shed the past and connect to the divine feminine with Serpent in the South

Transform limiting beliefs and overcome fears with Jaguar in the West

Reconnect with beauty and find your soul purpose with Hummingbird in the North

Raise your vibration and become the visionary with Eagle in the East

Step onto the Medicine Wheel and discover your authentic self!

Saturday 23rd November, 11am-2pm and Sunday 24th November, 2pm-5pm,

at the Sacred Garden Hove, £90

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