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3-Day Green Juice Cleanse
+ Nutrition Plan

Organic cold-pressed juices

Includes: 3 x 500ml juices 

Dandy's Nutrition Juice Cleanse is a three day Green Juice Cleanse. Organic vegetables and fruit are cold-pressed into pure cleansing juices to help you purify from the inside. Green juice cleanses and purifies your digestive system while delivering micro- nutrients directly to your bloodstream and giving your digestive system a rest. This allows for a deeper inner cleansing to take place using up stored proteins and fats and clearing away blockages of waste in the body. Drinking green juice regularly will lead to improved energy levels, better mental focus and a general improved feeling of health and wellbeing.

Dandy's Nutrition 3-Day Green Juice Cleanse includes 20% off a Nutrition consultation with Dandy, in person or remotely. Three 500ml organic cold-pressed green juices containing cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, kale, apple, lemon and ginger.

A Nutrition report with supplement recommendations and a personalised Meal Planner with Recipes.

1 week Celery Juice Cleanse

Organic cold-pressed juice

7 x 500ml celery juices


Smoo Ju Package

3 Day Smoothie and Juice Package

Day 1 Cleanse 

500ml Celery Juice 

500ml Bright Green Juice 

500ml Ruby Red Juice 

500ml Spiral Burst Smoothie 

Day 2 Recovery 

500ml Celery Juice 

500ml Bright Green Juice 

500ml Ruby Red Juice 

500ml Cacao Delight Smoothie

Day 3 Energise

500ml Celery Juice 

500ml Bright Green Juice 

500ml Deep Orange Juice 

500ml Green Magic Smoothie

Sacred Space Items


New Vision Program

Welcome to the New Vision Program.

A three day program that brings together the three areas of

Nutrition, Feng Shui and Mindfulness.

The program is designed to inspire a new beginning, to let go of the past, transform and step into a new vision of the future.


The cost of the New Vision Program is £280 


A detailed personalised holistic report with supplement plan

and 7 day meal planner

A Nutrition consultation 

A Feng Shui Pa Kua reading

3 x Personalised mindfulness meditations

3 x 500ml cold pressed organic juices

3 x 500ml superfood smoothies

Includes local delivery


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