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Conscious Eating

From a young age, I noticed how some foods left me feeling heavy afterwards.

My father owned a Fish and Chip shop for many years in Brighton and I used to have 

fried fish and chips often as a little girl.  Being Greek, food is a big part of life!

It was only in my early teens that I began to connect my change of mood to the meals I was eating.

I became a vegan at age 16 and then suffered with nutritional deficiencies, a lack of Iron, B12 and Vitamin D3, 

all contributed to my fatigue, painful periods and low mood.

I was also beginning to suffer from IBS symptoms that led to a very restricted diet, I had reactions

 to wheat, lentils and pulses, which meant my vegan diet was also restricted.

Food combining for years into my early thirties was one way I successfully managed my digestive issues, 

until I discovered the world of Raw Food from my best friend and Raw Food author, Erini Loucaides.

This was an enlightening time for me as I explored Raw Food nutrition and experienced elevated states of health, 

as my energy levels increased and my hormones balanced out,

I began to feel really well.


Raw Food

My wellbeing continued to improve on 80% raw food,

then I discovered plain celery juice and began including it

as part of my morning routine. This was when my gut issues really began to heal.

My passion for raw foods spilled out into a passion for cold pressed 

organic juice, as my partner Ray and I, opened a Raw Health Bar in 

Brighton to showcase raw food and organic juices.

Nutrition Experience

Qualifying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Nutritional Therapy in 2018, 

validated my lifelong passion for Nutrition.

I then went straight into clinical practice at Glenville Nutrition working closely with Dr Marilyn Glenville, 

well known author and the UK's leading Nutritionist specializing in Women's health.​

After over two years of working with Glenville Nutrition, I began to work from two clinics in Brighton and Hove 

and remotely from my home in Hove.


Your relationship with food

To begin your own healing journey with food,

the first step is to make a commitment to yourself.

When you set your mind to a pure intention, the body will follow your instruction. 

The power of the mind will override the physical programs and you will make 

peace with your body and build a relationship with food that nourishes 

your mind, body and soul.


A Nutrition consultation

Before we sit down together, I will send you a nutritional questionnaire to complete.

This gives me the information I need to form a picture of your current situation

and begin to identify the possible root causes behind your presenting symptoms.


After the consultation, a nutritional plan is tailored to your needs 

with lifestyle advice, mindfulness and a supplement program.

Weekly meal planners and recipes are included to inspire 

and support your new beginning.

At times tests are recommended to investigate further.

Get ready for your health and book your nutrition consultation today.


It all starts with you! 


Nutrition consultation: 1.5 hr £90

Follow up: 1 hr £70

Nutritional Therapy

Initial consultation - 1.5 hr 

Conducted online or in person at the Sun Clinic, Brighton and at The Space, Hove

Contact me to set up your appointment today or to set up a free 15minute discovery call.

Organic cold-pressed juices

Includes: 3 x 500ml juices 

Dandy's Nutrition Juice Cleanse is a three day Green Juice Cleanse. Organic vegetables and fruit are cold-pressed into pure cleansing juices to help you purify from the inside. Green juice cleanses and purifies your digestive system while delivering micro- nutrients directly to your bloodstream and giving your digestive system a rest. This allows for a deeper inner cleansing to take place using up stored proteins and fats and clearing away blockages of waste in the body. Drinking green juice regularly will lead to improved energy levels, better mental focus and a general improved feeling of health and wellbeing.

Dandy's Nutrition 3-Day Green Juice Cleanse includes a Nutrition consultation with Dandy, in person or remotely and three 500ml organic cold-pressed green juices containing cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, kale, apple, lemon and ginger.

A Nutrition report with supplement recommendations and a personalised Meal Planner with Recipes.

3 Day Green Juice Cleanse + Nutrition Plan

Green J.png



I had my consultation with Dandy in the hope that addressing my dietary and lifestyle issues

would help me in my life-long battle with my weight and mental health struggles.

I can honestly say it has been one of the most positive steps I have ever taken and

so incredibly helpful in enabling me to make some sorely needed changes.

It really has empowered me to take control of my own actions and make the changes

necessary to look and feel better about myself. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Nutrition and Lifestyle

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