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Feng Shui Beginners Workshop

Learn how to do your own Feng Shui in this beginners workshop using the

traditional Compass Formula taught by Grand Master Lillian Too. 
This powerful lifestyle tool can help you to create a harmonious

living space that is both relaxing and uplifting.

Which areas of your life need balance?

Bring the balance of yin and yang energy into every corner of your home and

see how the harmony ripples through to those areas of your life. Discover your best sleeping directions based on your date of birth and which personal directions are best for good health, relationships and abundance.

Your home is a reflection of your life and by shifting the energy of your home into a

higher vibration, you will shift all areas of your life into a higher vibration.

Sunday 2nd June, 11am -1pm, at the Sacred Garden Hove, £40


Feng Shui

Welcome 2024, the year of the Wood Dragon!


How Everything Always Leads To Healing

I found this out on my own journey of transformation and it all began with Feng Shui.

I understood from a young age that my environment had an effect on my mood and

wellbeing in general and I always noticed disharmonious atmospheres and was very

sensitive to vibes, especially in peoples houses.

I began moving furniture around and painting the bathroom at eleven years old

as I knew that it would make me feel better.

Eventually years later, I trained in Malaysia as a Feng Shui consultant

with Grand Master Lillian Too, and ran my own Feng Shui business in Cyprus.

Today, I use Feng Shui as a modern lifestyle tool to maintain healthy flowing energy

 in my home and in my life. I also offer Feng Shui consultations and space clearing ceremonies for homes and work spaces.


Sacred Space

Clearing - cleansing – purifying 

are all words that 

describe the first steps to practicing Feng Shui.

To make space for something new to come into your life, 

first you have to clear away the old stuff from the past self and update your environment as the new person you are

transforming into.


Balance and Harmony

To balance and harmonize the unseen elements 

in the energy flowing in our environment, 

is to live in oneness and not in separation.

Feng Shui is a great tool to help you begin your 

personal journey of self-transformation, 

from the old you, into the new you 

and to step into your true potential.

A map of your life

Your home reflects back a picture of your life situation.

Feng Shui becomes a practical map of your life, whereby you can focus in on a particular area that you want to work on, bringing harmony and healing to that area of your life.

As the energy in your home improves, your personal transformation begins and an opportunity for balance, wholeness and healing arrives, as you go through all areas of your home.

Clearing - cleansing – purifying each section of your home, is where you begin healing yourself through the practice

of Feng Shui. 

Feng Shui Home_edited_edited.png

Feng Shui Consultation

Contact me to set up your appointment or a free 15 minute discovery call today!

The starter package costs £190 and is based on a small space with two occupants. Please get in touch for a quote for larger spaces with more occupants. 

''Feng Shui is actually the art of living in a state of harmony with the world.''

Lillian Too

Inspiring Feng Shui Consultation

Dandy was incredibly professional and knowledgeable during the consultation. She tailor made her report for both me and my daughter and worked solutions for problem areas in the house as well as activating positive areas. Dandy used her incredible intuition as well as tools of the trade to help me understand the energy blocks in my home and how this related to me and my daughter and the home as a whole. She was so inspiring and full of positive energy, which motivated me to make a lot of changes in my home. Some simple things like moving plants around, some bigger things like painting the hallway. I recently moved in, so I needed to make some decisions about colours and decor and I'm very glad Dandy could help at this stage. She also gave advice about a future extension that I will be doing. I have already recommended Dandy to friends and family and will continue to do so. 


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