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Holding the sacred space for you to allow your own self-healing ability

Assisting you on your journey of self-transformation and finding your way back to your whole self

Healing your past wounds and illuminating your new path to being the person you really are

It is an honour to walk with you on your path to wholeness.

In gratitude, Dandy.


Dandy is so wonderful to work with. 

During my time with Dandy I learnt so much about my gut health and have completely changed my bad patterns. 

I feel super energised and what seemed to be a daunting change has been added into my life effortlessly, 

and stayed in my everyday routine with outstanding support from Dandy the whole way.

Not only is Dandy knowledgeable and affordable she also goes above and beyond to ensure you are staying on track and 

has a beautiful aura to go with it.I am looking forward to exploring more of her services such as meditation and mindfulness. 

Thank you so much!


 We gently talked through some issues in my past that I wanted to move forward with. 

She then performed some wonderful healing that felt magical and so relaxing. 

I can honestly say that I came away from the session feeling lighter and full of joy. 

Thank you, Dandy.


This beautiful inspiring lady has made such a difference with her weekly meditation zooms

Talented and full of amazing knowledge and insight

Thank you so much 


Dandy's meditations are magical. The perfect tonic to relax and unwind. Spiritually uplifting and beautifully soothing. 

Also, incredible value for money. Couldn't recommend highly enough. 


It is not often that you find someone who is so compassionate and understanding and who can help you heal in a truly transformative way. Dandy's work is subtle yet powerful and she has really helped me to understand myself and how to feel whole in each moment wherever I can. Her nutritional advice has weaned me off many of the unhealthy eating habits I used to have and I have discovered so many new and delicious foods and meals thanks to her. Dandy has shown me how to improve my mental, physical and emotional health, to the point of feeling empowered enough to use the tools and techniques she has given me, not just to heal myself, but also to live more fully. I experience the effects of her work every day and if you are truly wanting to heal, then I would highly recommend having a consultation with Dandy and let her show you how to find your healed Self. 

It’s been a truly amazing journey for me!


I've been working with Dandy for several months now, looking at whatever has been going on in my life at the wounds, insecurities, anger, fears, ego, etc, and with her help, transforming these things, so that I can move forward a ton lighter and happier and aligned with my purpose. It has been so powerful for me to be seen, heard, and supported by her. Lots of good stuff has happened as a result of our sessions. Dandy is funny, genuine, & completely non-judgemental. Her chocolate is also amazing. 

Thank-you Dandy, I am so grateful for you. 


I had my consultation with Dandy in the hope that addressing my dietary and lifestyle issues

would help me in my life-long battle with my weight and mental health struggles.

I can honestly say it has been one of the most positive steps I have ever taken and

so incredibly helpful in enabling me to make some sorely needed changes.

It really has empowered me to take control of my own actions and make the changes

necessary to look and feel better about myself. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


I have been working consistently with Constandia for a while and have been incredibly impressed by the results

I have experienced and her compassionate enquiry into my health issues.

Using an interpretive, holistic approach, Constandia has helped me to identify core subconscious beliefs that were sabotaging my health through energy work as well as providing a stellar, easy to follow nutritional protocol.

She is very down to earth and thoughtful in her approach, I will continue to work with her to heal both body and mind. 


Dandy is a amazing shamanic healer, I felt instantly safe and calm in her presence.

After my session I felt lighter and much more at peace, like something had shifted- I need to book another session soon!

I also went to Dandy seeking Nutritional advice, I had a very thorough consultation where by I was able to talk through my issues.

Dandy sent me a clear detailed nutrition plan to work on and so far it's amazing.

I'm making small changes over time and I'm seeing the benefits already. 

In all Dandy is a truly amazing practitioner with a wealth of knowledge- highly recommend!!


Dandy’s a nutritionist and shamanic healer. She also teaches meditation at the Sun Clinic on Thursdays and Sundays.

I’m really interested in nutrition. I’m vegan, eat organic as much as I can, and drink loads of filtered water so I was a little unsure about what she would be able to advise. I was super impressed. 

The changes she suggested have made a huge difference… I’m sleeping well, have more energy and I’m generally feeling much better.

Her shamanic healing sessions, I’ve had 2 now, have been just beautiful. 

Again, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’ve found them to be a great source of support

 and peace during a time of real change and transition.

I’ll continue to work with her and whole heartedly recommend her.


Feeling fragmented and scattered used to be the norm for me until I received help and healing from Dandy - I feel ever grateful to have met Dandy who's intuitive and sacred knowledge have increasingly seen me coming back home to my whole healed essence.


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