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Cleanse & Heal Program


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Welcome to the Cleanse & Heal Program.

A seven day program that brings the science of nutrition and neuroscience

together with the wisdom of shamanic healing.  

7 Day Program

Cleanse & Heal

The Cleanse & Heal Program promotes detoxification and cleansing of your body and brain. 

The cleanse focuses on how to upgrade your 'second brain', the digestive tract by introducing superfoods that promote brain and gut repair.

The shamanic healing and transformative meditation focuses on helping you to transform your old beliefs and shed your past self, so that you can tune into higher frequencies of happiness and wellbeing.


What's included in the Cleanse & Heal Program:

- A Nutrition Consultation

7 Organic 500ml cold-pressed juices

- 7 Day Meal Plan + Recipes

- A Shamanic Healing session 

- A Guided Transformative Meditation 


The cost of the program is £300 

Please contact me for more details or to arrange a discovery call.

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