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Cacao Meditation​

A small group gathering around a fire with raw chocolate from Dandy's Raw Choc. Cacao has many nutritional benefits that help the body and mind to relax. Energetically, the essence of cacao has a perfect balance of yin and yang energy which helps to open the heart centre and enjoy a reconnection to self and to nature.


Join Dandy for a relaxing and uplifting cacao meditation at the Sacred Garden with an opportunity to buy Dandy's Raw Choc bars after the meditation.


Sunday 23rd June, 4pm -6pm, at the Sacred Garden Hove, £15​

The Magic of Meditation

When we quieten our senses and go within, we become greater than our environment, we become greater than our physical body. This process takes us into an elevated state whereby with practice, we begin to switch off our sympathetic nervous system, that has us living in survival mode and turn on our para-sympathetic nervous system, that takes us into deep relaxation where the real magic happens.

Meditation is a very powerful,

yet simple tool to maintain wellbeing and to

remember who you really are.

You can self-regulate by doing meditation every day. 

You can maintain your inner balance just by simply going within, closing off all external stimuli and connecting to 

your inner-state of being, your natural state of being.

''To Meditate is like catching up with your upgraded self.''


Brain/Heart Coherence


Living by the hormones of stress, in the familiar past or predictable future, can signal incoherent brain waves, diminishing our energy body and wellbeing. When the brain signals coherent brain waves, it creates an electric charge that connects with the magnetic

charge from the heart. Together this creates brain/heart coherence and harmony is restored to our whole body. This is a harmonic symphony of our vibration and as our frequencies become more fine-tuned, we become more balanced and coherent.

Maintaining our energy body leads to maintaining optimum holistic health and wellbeing.

When we meditate daily, we activate our subtle energy body and bring it into alignment. 

This has a powerful impact on our physical body, rebooting our immune system, soothing our nervous system and activating a pure connection from our heart to our brain. This brings more coherence, both physically, mentally and emotionally and allows a gentle process of self-healing to unfold as you move closer to optimum states of wellbeing.

Transformative Meditation
Coming Soon!

Learn how to use Meditation as a powerful lifestyle tool

and empower yourself to live in your full potential.

This workshop introduces the practise of Meditation,

with an understanding of the neuroscience of brain/heart coherence and shamanic energy healing.

Suitable for anyone who has an interest in 

self-transformation and self-healing.


Dandy's meditations are magical. The perfect tonic to relax and unwind. Spiritually uplifting and beautifully soothing. 

Also, incredible value for money. Couldn't recommend highly enough. 


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