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Wellbeing workshops/courses

Transformative Meditation 

3 day online course

Learn how to use Meditation as a powerful lifestyle tool 

and empower yourself to live in your full potential.

This workshop introduces the practise of Meditation,

with an understanding of the neuroscience of brain/heart coherence 

and shamanic energy healing.

Suitable for anyone who has an interest in self-transformation 

and self-healing.

The online course includes:

An introduction to the science of Transformative Meditation

3 x 30 mins guided Meditations

An introduction to Shamanic Healing 

Integrative discussion and grounding post meditation

Part 1: Tuning into your luminous body

Learn how to relax your body and calm your mind and to enter the 

quantum field where all possibilities exist.

Part 2: Tracking your pure intention

Learn how to focus your intention and harness the power of your emotion, 

to create a vibrational match in the quantum field.

Part 3: Tracking your pure intention

Learn how to continue your self-healing throughout your 

transformative meditation practice.

Duration: 6 hours over 3 days

Cost: £90

Dandy's Raw Chocolate Workshop

Date: February 2nd 2022


Raw Chocolate Workshop

Make your own raw chocolate and learn the nutritional

benefits of raw cacao in this exciting workshop

The workshop includes:

- Step by step guide and demonstration on how to make raw chocolate

- A talk on the nutritional benefits of cacao

and other superfoods used in the making of raw chocolate

What you get!

A Raw Chocolate Kit:

Recipe and method

Ingredients: organic cacao butter, cacao powder,

 carob powder, lucuma powder, coconut sugar 

and a chocolate mould


Duration: 2 hrs

Cost: £35

Mindful Eating Workshop

Date: August 8th 2021


Mindful Eating Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to build a better relationship with food by 

adopting Mindful Eating as part of your lifestyle.

The workshop includes:

A discussion about the meaning of Mindful Eating and how it can improve your 

relationship with food and your relationship with yourself.

How to adopt healthier eating patterns to improve your hormonal balance 

and reduce stress.

What you get!

Three plant-based meal recipes

Two snack recipes

Mindful Eating Guide

Includes tea refreshments and homemade cake

Duration: 2 hrs

Cost: £30

Superfood Smoothie Workshop

Date: August 15th 2021


Superfood Smoothie Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to make nutritious smoothies 

that are quick and easy for people on the go.

The workshop will include a demonstration of three superfood smoothie recipes

and a talk about the nutritional benefits of all the different ingredients.

You will also learn about several superfood powders and how you can 

boost your smoothies with their nutritional benefits:

To provide maximum support for the immune system by providing essential vitamins and minerals

To help maintain stable blood sugar balance throughout the day and reduce your body’s stress response

To provide the body with bio-available nutrients that are readily absorbed into the cells to be used for energy

What you get!

5 x 50g organic superfood powders:

Spirulina, Hemp protein, Maca, Cacao and Carob.

Three superfood smoothie recipes.

Smoothie ingredients list.

Duration: 2 hrs (online)

Cost: £40 (includes postage)

Raw Food Nutrition Workshop

Date: August 22nd 2021


Raw Food Nutrition Workshop

Make your own raw food and learn the nutritional

benefits of raw food nutrition in this exciting workshop

The workshop includes:

Step by step guide and demonstration on how to make two nutritious

raw meals, a healthy snack and a dessert

A talk on the nutritional benefits of eating raw food

What you get!

A Raw Energy ball Kit:

Ingredients: organic dates, almonds, nut butter, cacao powder, 

maca powder and desiccated coconut

4 x Raw food recipes

Duration: 2 hrs (online)

Cost: £40 (includes postage)

Crystals Workshop

Date: October 10th 2021


Crystals Workshop

Learn how to use crystals 

to enhance your wellbeing in this crystals workshop

The workshop includes an introduction to crystals

and how to use them as a powerful lifestyle tool

You will also learn:

- How to use crystals in your everyday lifestyle

- How to use different types of crystals

- How to take care of crystals and recharge them

What you get!

- Crystals guide

- 30 mins guided Meditation with crystals

- Crystal gift bag with 3 x crystals

Duration: 2 hrs

Cost: £30

Living Your Best Life 

Date: October 24th 2021


Manifesting Workshop

Learn how to use the skill of manifesting 

to begin living your best life

The workshop includes:

- An introduction to the skill of manifesting your best life

- How to use a vision wheel to focus your intention

- How to tune into elevated emotions  

- How to maintain your new vision

What you get!

- Focus new vision wheel

- Manifesting Guide

- 30 mins guided Meditation

Duration: 2 hrs

Cost: £30

Meditation Workshop

Date: November 7th 2021


Meditation Workshop

Meditation for Stress Relief Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to practise meditation for stress 

relief and mindfulness techniques to help you calm an 

overactive mind and overanxious body.

We will also discuss how to adopt lifestyle changes to support 

selfcare and long-term stress relief.

The workshop will include:

-A guided 30-minute meditation to relax your body and mind

- A talk on using mindfulness to relax an overactive mind

and an overanxious body

- A talk on using meditation as a lifestyle tool for selfcare and stress relief

What you get!

An introduction to the practice of meditation

A 30-minute guided meditation

Mindfulness Lifestyle Guide to 

selfcare and stress relief

Duration: 2 hrs

Cost: £30

Feng Shui

Date: November 21st 2021


Feng Shui Workshop

Feng shui is an enjoyable practise that involves clearing 

clutter and heavy energy vibrations from your living space.

This first part of feng shui brings to light an understanding of 

how the cluttered areas affect different areas of your life.

The second part involves inviting fresh elevated energy into your 

home and focusing elevated thoughts and emotions into the 

various sectors of your life.

The final part is using symbolic items to place in your home to

manifest your dreams and unlimited potential.

The workshop includes:

- Step by step guide on how to use the compass and Pa Kua chart

- A demonstration of space clearing and how to declutter effectively

- A focus Form to help align your intentions and direct them into your living space

- A demonstration of feng shui element and symbolic placement

- An open discussion about using feng shui effectively to manifest your desires

What you get!

A Feng Shui Starter Pack:

A compass, Pa Kua chart, 3 crystals, pallo santo wood and a small candle

Duration: 2 hrs

Cost: £40

Personal Workshop Program

New Vision Program

New Vision Program.

A three day program that brings together the three areas of

Nutrition, Feng Shui and Mindfulness.

The program is designed to inspire a new beginning, to let go of the past, 

transform and step into a new vision of the future.

The New Vision Program 


A detailed personalised holistic report 

with supplement plan and a 7-day meal planner

with recipes

A Nutrition consultation

A Feng Shui consultation

3 x Personalised mindfulness meditations

3 x 500ml cold pressed organic juices

3 x 500ml superfood smoothies

Duration: 3 days

Cost: £300 (includes local delivery)

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